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Pike Trip To Canada - In-Fisherman

Pike Trip To Canada - In-Fisherman
Lying in the marshy Hudson Bay Lowlands, Kesagami Lake is shallow, vegetated, and prairie-like. If you were to fall out of the boat in many parts of the lake, you ...

Because the fishing is usually so good, it works, to a point. The secret lies in the fact that the Indian Head Camp Sport Fishing is strategically situated in the heart of a sports fishing paradise, Lake Athabasca, which is home to record setting trophy fish. Still, even in Reindeer, the shallows warm up quickly and the biggest pike relocate and seek ambush spots in 62°F to 64°F water. One time this resulted in 40 lake trout weighing more than 20 pounds, with a pair topping 40.

It is the perfect setting for the ultimate sport fishing adventure and experience. It was the last week the resort was open before closing for the season. If we caught but one or two pike that size, we’d be happy. With an average width of 40 miles and depths exceeding 400 feet, Lake Athabasca is also an integral part of the MacKenzie Delta, the third largest delta in the world and home to a wilderness famous for its history and unforgettable sights. And, you still stand a chance at hooking a much bigger fish.

You can choose to sit in the leisure area to share the fishing experiences of the day with new acquaintances and friends, play a game of pool in the recreation room or sit on the deck and trade fishing techniques and secrets with others. The region is famous for it’s fur trading history and exceptional populations of indigenous wildlife, fish and birds. Many of our guest sport fishermen have landed pike weighing in the 20 to 35 pound range. Take my word for it, you only want the best. Many offer amenities from hot and cold running water to central heating and air conditioning. If the outfitter refuses, strike them off your list. On a trip to Great Bear Lake in early July, we covered the cabin windows because so much sunlight was streaming into our room at 2 a. George beamed with pride, while I winked at Mark and he scrunched his nose back at me. Indian Head Camp, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Arctic Grayling, Stewart Island, Lake Athabasca, Fishing Lodge, Harper Lake, Saskatchewan , Lake Athabasca, Saskatchewan , Fly-in, Remote Outposts, Full Service, Guides and , Fly-in, Remote Outposts, Full Service, Guides , Indian Head Camp is located on Stewart Island on the northeast shores of Lake Athabasca. The Lodge has six double occupancy rooms and three double occupancy guest cabins.

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We’d caught plenty of pike in the mid- to high 20-pound range, so we set our sights high, specifically targeting giant fish weighing more than 30 pounds. I suggested he insist on getting one of three specific guides (there were a dozen at the lodge) who knew the massive lake like the backs of their hands, who shared secret isolated GPS waypoints, and who were incredibly fine anglers on their own accords. Something else that can complicate your timing—you’ll either be fishing in the “Land of the Midnight Sun” or mighty close to it. The region is famous for it’s fur trading history and exceptional populations of indigenous wildlife, fish and birds. The information on this site was provided to us from the lodge or outfitter.

What you do before you lock your front door and take off on the adventure of a lifetime will contribute as much or more to your success as anything else. I mention our trip to Reindeer for another reason. What do you consider a trophy pike? If you’ve never caught a 20-pounder, that may be the benchmark. Indianhead camp is a new lodge, only five years old, it is a family run lodge. That’s how we nabbed the giants at Reindeer Lake.

The daily per-person price for a three- or four-star fly-in lodge, on the other hand, usually falls somewhere in between because you’re typically offered many more options, such as whether or not you want to cook your own meals or use a guide. At the other extreme are full service five-star resorts, usually on the largest waterbodies, where you’re pampered with plush accommodations, maid service, gourmet meals accompanied by fine wine, hot tubs, delicious daily shorelunches, and guides running new boats and motors equipped with the latest sonar. The lad was a great kid, but lacking the wondrous waypoints accumulated by the hot sticks in camp, it was a much bigger struggle than it needed to be. On a trip to Great Bear Lake in early July, we covered the cabin windows because so much sunlight was streaming into our room at 2 a. Lake Athabasca is an absolutely large and beautiful lake that is surrounded by a wide array of breathtaking scenes and points of interests that can only add to a truly unforgettable sport fishing experience. While you can find a tremendous number of magnificent fly-in pike fisheries across all of north-central Canada, from Alberta in the west to Ontario and Quebec in the east, the northern half of Saskatchewan and Manitoba is the undisputed pike heartland. If it was in the United States it would rank among the biggest lakes in the country. Reindeer is massive, stretching over 150 miles north to south, 40 miles east to west, and covering an enormous 2,500 square miles. Author Gord Pyzer has fished many of North America’s finest pike destinations. Even though we were specific about our intentions with our guide, George, who was a delight to be with in the boat and one of the most amazing woodsmen I’ve ever met, it didn’t take long to realize that we weren’t on the same wavelength.

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