positive ovulation test last night negative this morning

Posted on 23 Авг 201917

Positive OPK last night, negative this morning. - Glow Community

Positive OPK last night, negative this morning. - Glow Community
18 Aug 2016 ... Some surges last a few days, some go by super quick (which is why some people miss them). Odds are you have already ovulated, which is good you BD'd last night. I'd take another ovulation test later in the evening to make sure your surge Positive OPK and then a negative? — The Bump
Last night, before I went to sleep early, I decided to test, since I'm getting close and testing every 12 hours might make some sense. I got a nice smiley face at 9 pm EDT. :-) Hubby and I had done BD just a few hours before, so I told him we'd go at i

22 Jan 2015 ... I usually take my OPK's at night, but I've been reading on here to take them in the morning. Took one this morning and it was positive! And just because, I took one again just now and it was negative. :(I don't ... This last cycle in jan Positive OPK last night, negative this morning... - BabyCentre

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